Local time at Horbat Omrit, Israel

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day -1

Our last full day here. In the morning we walked the 2 miles to the Israel Museum. Yesterday we had a wasted $50 cab ride because the museum was closed. After fruitless exploring all options our cab driver got us to the door but to no avail. I guess GWB was inside. So we pilgrimed our way down the Mount of Olives instead.

Today, on our way, we were stopped for a half-hour until a 50 car caravan passed, including 3 big black limos bearing small American flags. A bad omen. Sure enough the biggest museum in Israel was closed again. We doubted GWB was getting culture. Maybe Laura.

So we showed them: we hiked over to the Islamic Arts Museum.

Then off to the Hertz office in the suburbs since the street of the in-town office was closed due to security. We have wheels! We're off to the airport tomorrow to join our incoming crew with a stop at a crusader church in Abu Ghosh on the way.

A late lunch today with a friend of John's who is with the Canadian diplomatic mission to the West Bank. Already fascinating. He and his wife live in East Jerusalem and seem to have as little to do with the Israelis as possible. He works in Ramallah and she teaches in a Quaker school there. I'll try to impart a bit of conversation in later blogs but I made a big mistake: I told them about this blog so I can only hope they don't read it! (The beer we drank, brewed in the West Bank, has the motto: Drink our beer. Taste the revolution!) They promised us a great restaurant meal in Ramallah when we return if it can be arranged. Today we ate in an upscale palestinian restaurant just across the former Green Line. And today had a different perspective.
Didn't take my camera today so here's a picture of John in front of the restaurant where we ate yesterday. Our Canadian diplomat suprised us today by the confirming the great reputation of Abu Shukri's hummus:

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