Local time at Horbat Omrit, Israel

Monday, May 12, 2008

Day -5

After a long, uninteresting flight I met up with John at the airport and we went through rush hour traffic to get to Jerusalem. Didn't get in until about 7pm.

We knew we had a basement apartment but wow! It's really an old cistern, a very deep cistern. 36 steps from ground level down with 2 balcony levels along the way. The only window is a ground-level skylight that allows anyone see all that we do. Though we are a long way down.

After we settled and the landlord showed John where he could buy some beer, we went off exploring. We landed on swinging Ben Yahuda Street, a pedestrian mall really, and had some falafal and espresso. The street was packed on a Monday night. Off tomorrow for some real exploring. Oh yes, Hertz says their city rental office will be closed all week due to the visit of W, who's staying nearby. I'll have to take a taxi out to the suburbs to pick up our rental. And I made my first Skype call back to the states. Easy as pie and only cost pennies.

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