Local time at Horbat Omrit, Israel

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 27

The last day and a really early start: on the job at 4:45am! The pressure: to clean up our squares for the all important photographs.The target: eliminate all the dust from the rocks, remove all the grass that blew in overnight and get some good publishable photographs before the sun gets up too high and creates shadows. Well we did it - photos completed by soon after 7am. Then we worked on loading up the trucks to take all the equipment back to the kibbutz.

A lazy day, then a drive out to Tel Hai College for a meeting with the staff and students of the centre for Peace and Democracy. This is an organization devoted to bringing together Jews and Arabs of the College with the aim of creating mutual understanding. Some twenty menbers of the Centre attended to meet with our contingent of around fifteen. To provide a base for discussion we all watched a movie entitled "The Women Next Door". This German film brought together a number of themes: Arab/Israeli relations, the place of women in Islam and finally the exploitation of women by men in general. Plenty of material for discussion! In the event I think most of the discussion focussed on Israeli/Arab relations while members of the Carthage group tried to understand some of the complexities of the situation. Altogether I felt we had a good meeting and during the excellent buffet dinner which followed people from both groups mixed freely and there was much spirited discussion. All in all a very worthwhile meeting.

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